Founded in 1925 by G. Allan Hancock, Rosemary Farm is one of California's oldest egg distributors. We are committed to providing consistent quality and service, plus continuing on-going research for healthy egg products.

What our hens eat at Rosemary Farm determines the taste and nutritional make-up of every egg. To get that good egg taste simply requires using quality ingredients. We insist on the choicest grains. And every hen gets her daily vitamins. Our hens like their quality food and our customers prefer our tasty eggs.

What the consumer gets from every Rosemary Farm egg is a nutritionally balanced and flavorful egg. No drugs, no hormones. Try a deep yellow-yoked Rosemary Farm egg. It will remind you that even simple things have rich flavor.

We also care about gentle handling. Every egg we produce at Rosemary Farm is handled with care, from the person who gathers the eggs to the delivery person. Soon after gathering, Rosemary Farm eggs are processed and packaged by our modern egg processing equipment. After processing, our eggs are refrigerated, ready for delivery.

Thanks to conscientious employees at Rosemary Farm, they help to ensure the careful handling of our precious food.

Finally, we're deeply concerned about the environment and our community. Rosemary Farm uses only bio-degradable containers, and also consistently supports effective non-profit organizations.

Rosemary Farm, doing its part for a clean and healthy environment with healthy hens, good food, and gentle handling.